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If Australia’s Not Really Your Thing, But Amsterdam Is

Okay, maybe your next best option is Amsterdam.

It’s understandable – some people are not that attracted to Australia. Perhaps because of the fact that it always feels so far away. Or sometimes, it might be because all that talk about insects and other dangerous animals (the sharks, good grief) are causing a lot of unnecessary stress in your phobia-infested heart. Or, very simply, maybe it’s just because you’ve already been there, and you would like to be somewhere new for a change.


Amsterdam and the I Amsterdam Card

Amsterdam is a city of little surprises. There are a lot of adventures that you can try out in the city, whether you simply plan on staying in the city center, or if you have plans of going to the hidden little corners – you’re always in for an experience full of excitement and uncommon pleasures. What’s more, with your I Amsterdam Card, you can have access to places and experiences that would have otherwise been inaccessible if you did not have the card.

If, for instance, you happen to be a history buff and you’d like to see more of the world before, then maybe a visit to the Anne Frank museum would be one way to quench your thirst for historical things. Here, you can witness the house of Anne frank herself. (Yes, she was the one who had the diary, if you’re not that good in history.) Check out ‘I Amsterdam Card Anne Frank’ so you can see for yourself the many benefits in store for you.


You can also use it for access to exclusive restaurants. Amsterdam is the city for quirky dining experiences. (How would you like it to dine in pitch black darkness, and have blind people serving you? Or how would you like to dine directly in the homes of locals by just signing up and scheduling your own host? Pretty amazing dining ideas, aren’t they?) Still, for such experiences, your I Amsterdam Card is sure to come in handy. See ‘I Amsterdam Card Restaurants’ so that you can check the many perks you will get to enjoy once you have this powerful little card.

For those with more conservative and obviously romantic preferences, then perhaps a canal cruise is the best option for you. Now, without your I Amsterdam Card, this will most likely cost you a fortune. However, if you have the card, you can avail of a free service. Yes, you read that right; go and see ‘I Amsterdam Card free canal cruise’ to get the necessary details.

For More Information:

If you need more information about Amsterdam, do find time to check out this blog  It has a lot of precious tips about Amsterdam. Who knows, you might one day find yourself on a plane to Amsterdam any time soon?

Okay, let’s say you’ve already been to Australia, and you’ve also been to Amsterdam (because yes, you seem to be following the advice of this website pretty well). If you’re done with these two places, you might also want to visit and marvel at Germany next. Don’t worry about airport services; the capital, Berlin, is pretty generous.

For one thing, you can check out Flughafen Brandenburg Airport parking Berlin. That’ll be enough to show you that Berlin does have your interests to heart, because you won’t have to think about parking space allocations anymore. Apart from that, there are a lot of other benefits you can have in visiting Germany; you just have to do your research.