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Always Be Ready for An Adventure – Whatever Form It Might Take

Release your inhibitions and be your most adventurous self in Aussie.

What’s the use of vacations if you’re not in it for the whole ride? For instance, if you’re on an Amsterdam holiday, you’ve got to be willing to do a lot of Amsterdam-specific stuff, right?

In the case of Australia, there are also a host of adventures that you can’t even dare to not try. If, in Amsterdam, you need to visit Madame Tussaud at least once, then in Australia there are some activities that you have to experience, too.



Adventures in Australia

Adventure #1: Go cage-diving with the sharks.

Although this does sound like someone’s out with a death wish, it’s not as scary as you think. On one hand, it is pretty adrenaline-pumping. The very idea of being in a steel cage and witnessing some of the deadliest animals in the world is in itself pretty intense. On the other hand, the activity is pretty safe and there will be other experienced animal experts with you, so you don’t have to die in worry.



Adventure #2: Go skydiving at Mission Beach.

What human being does not have skydiving on his or her bucket list? Well, if you’re ever in Australia, this is something you can freely tick off now, because Mission Beach offers you that particular service. Like cage-diving, this isn’t for the weak of heart either. But of course, with your skydiving instructor carrying a GoPro on his or her wrist, ready to take your picture up in the air, who can resist it? It is, after all, the perfect selfie.


Adventure #3: Go climbing at the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb offers unrivalled 360 degree views of Sydney Harbor and Opera House with the CBD providing the perfect backdrop. If you’ve got your heart set on conquering the 440 ft climb there are a variety of time slots to choose from. You can climb at sunrise or sunset, and a few spots in between, with the option of an express climb for those short on time or for a half-climb for those who are scared of heights.